Planning Your Holiday Abroad

It’s time to take a vacation, something we all love. But wait, how do you make the most of this precious break? Whether it’s overseas or within Europe, a holiday needs ample planning. This daunting task calls for keen attention to all details if only to make your holiday an amazing experience. 

A Travelers Checklist to an Overseas Holiday

Choose Your Destination

Deciding where you want to travel to is the first step. It gives you a definite goal to work towards. Settling on a specific destination makes ones planning more concrete and makes planning and commitments much easier.

Start Saving

After settling for the said destination, let’s say Paris, then it’s the high time to start saving. Create a travel budget then start saving towards it. So, what do you budget for? The flights, accommodation, transport and Food; these in most cases will cost you the most. 

Saving Tips

Create a saving account

Use your budget to calculate how much you need to save and how often you should do this

While you can, make some extra deposits because there will always be miscellaneous expenses

Track your savings progress

Booking at the Airport

Most holiday flights require a check-in time of close to two hours before departure. This means, a flight scheduled for 6am calls for you to be on set by 4am. Meeting this timelines can be tricky especially if you are plan on having young children on board. You can make this less stressful by booking a hotel room that is easily accessible from the terminus. Not only does this creates convenience but also allows you to get some good sleep ahead of your trip. It is advisable to do this booking two weeks in advance just to be safe.

If you are using a personal car to the airport, book some parking space in advance. If you will be on public transport, do it prior as well. This can easily be done online.

Your Passport(s)

Imagine having done all the above only to find out that your passport is not up to date or worse still, that you cannot find it! It’s advisable to check this a few months before the set travel date or else your holiday could be rudely interrupted. Remember to also check the requirements of your destination country. Some require an open validity of not less than six months. If you need any assistance with your passport, you can always get their direct contacts on

Securing Your Home

It would surely break your heart to return home from a holiday only to find that someone broke in. Cut off access to your home by the supply person such as the milk man or the florist; in fact cancel these deliveries (you can always resume them later). Cross check that all doors and windows are properly locked. 

If you can, request a neighbor or a relative to always check on your home once in a while. It’s prudent to give them a call or two while away just to make sure everything is fine; don’t overdo this though.

Take care of the pets and any other member of the house who you aren’t taking with you. Knowing that they are safe will help you have fun with a relaxed mind.

Contact Your Bank

It’s imperative to inform your bank of your travel plans. Why, you ask? You might want to use your bank card while overseas and this may ring a suspicion bell to your financial partner, forcing them to block it. To avoid this from happening, let them know. Get a helpline number through which you can contact them while away.


There is no beating around the bush, this is very important. Some credit cards include travel insurance but even these need activation before travel. If not eligible, purchase a policy that suits your needs from any reputable insurance firm such as jet2insurance.


Are there any recommended vaccinations for people visiting your country of choice for the first time? It’s better to be safe than sorry, so be sure to get the recommended Travel Vaccinations By The NHS. Some countries are known to slap visitors with malaria, flu and the like. Consult this with your medical practitioner.


Put Your Travel Money in Order

How do you plan on taking your travel money? Maybe you need a copy of Travel Money By Thomas Cook. Should you opt for currency, compare the exchange rates before travelling. This can be done over the internet. You can also use the prepaid card which is much safer. You do this by loading a certain amount on your card for pay as you go purposes. Its advantage is that it has a provision for topping up either online or by contacting your bank.


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